Focus on our Avertimers

Amongst our Avertimers, gender equality is an important matter and it is well-respected within our consultants that account for 80% of Avertim’s employees. As a matter of fact, 51% are women and 49% are men which show a great balance between both.

Because we know that our most valuable asset is the knowledge of Avertimers, we give a great importance to professional development. That’s why we organize trainings to ensure continuous learning and improvement possibilities. Consequently, Avertim raised its investment in trainings by 42% over the last year.


Focus on career at Avertim

As an employee at Avertim, well-being at work is important and need to be translated into concrete actions to have a great career development. During your first days within the company, you will be included in our onboarding program that aims to integrate new members in the best way we can. We will provide you a dedicated support during the first two months, with introduction days, the Welcome Guide and another employee that will be your reference point during this period. Our policies are local and adapted to market realities and client’s requirements. You will see that being an Avertimers is being a part of a family and bonds can be create outside working hours. A lot of events are organized all along the year, such as afterworks, conventions, sports events…

Avertim in figures 

> 80% expressed a good feeling of well-being @work 
> 76% want to invest themselves more in the company 
> 90% find their job very meaningful 
> 74% find job-related trainings interesting 
> 3/4  have the intention to pursue their career @Avertim for the next 3 years 
> 7/10 is the grade reached by Avertim 
> 69% would recommend the company to a friend/family member 
> 90% are proud of their employer's name