Natural leaders & entrepreneurs

Being a Business Manager at Avertim doesn't just mean doing business. It means so much more! Discover our career path as well as the roles and responsibilities related to each level. 



Business Manager

Integrated into a business unit, juniors start their careers as business managers, under the supervision of a manager. They start developing a client portfolio and participate in recruitment, working on bid tenders, discovering sectors’ challenges and project methodologies. 

> Meet Pieter-Paul, one of our business managers! 



They deploy our strategy and imagine creative solutions for the clients, with regards to the context and business requirements. They develop their teams of consultants and create a link between seniors and juniors, ensuring regular contacts within our organisation.

> Meet Véronique, one of our managers! 


Senior Manager 

Involved in every phase of the business plan, they are fully responsible for a business unit including coaching managers and key accounts. 

> Meet Quentin, one of our senior managers! 



They are responsible for the development of their business unit strategy, in line with the group ambition to grow and support the teams. They share knowledge, mentor business managers and interact with principal consultants to develop service lines, methodologies, and internal programs of Avertim. They are also participating in the international development of the group.

> Meet Jan, one of our directors! 

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