Operating as trusted partners, we support our clients in their journey towards sustainability

For a very long time, topics such as CSR or Sustainable Development were far from being at the heart of all actions undertaken by large organizations. Profit maximization was essentially the only driving force. The last few years have shown us that this model is not sustainable.

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Today we have already entered a new paradigm

Such a radical change impacts the entire organizations’ value chain, from the business strategy to the management of the day-to-day operations. Therefore, including sustainability in a company's strategic roadmap became a must. We strongly believe we can leverage our internal CSR strategy to influence and support our customers in their sustainability journey.

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Our offering toward sustainability 

The mission of the Avertim customer pillar is two-folded and has the main goal to increase the stewardship of CSR within Avertim’s clients. To do so, Avertim is engaged to increase its number of CSR-related projects by developing dedicated service offerings and participating in projects with a positive impact on our world.

By being involved in projects related to ESG within the banking sector, carbon neutrality within the transport sector, de-nuclearization in the energy sector as well as sustainable production in the pharmaceutical sector, Avertim has proven its added value to increase customer maturity towards sustainability.


Learning from these projects, in addition to our experience in adapting and improving our own CSR strategy and approach, Avertim has the ambition to support our clients in setting up and implementing their CSR strategy, methodology and initiatives as well as sharing lessons learned, templates and tools.

How? It is instilled in the Avertim DNA to help our clients perform, innovate and comply across sectors. This combined with our experience and deep understanding of each of our clients' industries, enable us to tackle the sustainability challenge in a pragmatic way: 

  • Perform: establish a diagnosis on your governance, environmental impact of your processes, strategic prioritization and sustainability roadmap definition.
  • Innovate: review offerings and services adaptation, client and employees’ journey adaptation.
  • Comply: ensure regulatory watch, implementation and follow up, assist in the label & certifications journey.

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