Whitepaper: digital solutions across the pharma value chain

The COVID-19 crisis has added to the many motivations of Pharmaceutical companies to invest in their digital transformation journey. Reduced time-to-market and costs, enhanced traceability, creation of new data-driven healthcare business models and new relationships with patients are some of the potential benefits.

Discovery, Development, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Commercial, Healthcare. Avertim has gathered for you key insights and use cases to inspire you and help you reach digital success within these 6 areas of the value chain!

Discover in this whitepaper: 
  • Digital Solutions available to you today
  • Best practices to implement your digital plan
  • Examples from the industry leaders
  • Reference cases from Avertim


Various digital technologies are available today

As a highly innovative science based sector, pharmaceuticals can benefit greatly from the integration of common digital tools as well as novel technologies like big data, advanced analytics, process mining, cloud computing, smart devices, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies.  

Companies are leveraging these technologies to create effective solutions aiming to: 

  • Optimize general business process workflow with process automation, process mining, digital platforms and analytics solutions 
  • Reshape data storing, sharing, monetization in discovery and development, but also in clinical trials or patient data management 
  • Switching to digital platforms for Quality Management (eQMS), data tracking, Document Management Systems (eDMS), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) including electronic Batch Records Management (eBR) or other paperless solutions such as Laboratory Execution Systems (LES) 
  • Piloting emerging technologies such as blockchain or AI solutions to help in areas such as preventive maintenance, anti-counterfeiting; but also to generate new business models among others in healthcare and patient-focused services 

Some of the cases used in the whitepaper 

The following organizations are mentioned or quoted in the whitepaper


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